SNOW WHITE and the SIX GNOMES cut-outs

This Snow White and her Six Gnomes is from The Delineator July 1918 issue. Sometimes the magazine included paper dolls, other times they were little cut out scenes like this.

(SOURCE: The Delineator, July 1918) Click on image to see it larger.

The artist, Robert McQuinn, is rather difficult to research. I cannot find any biographical information about him other than that he did illustration work for publishing and also was involved in costume and set design for the theater.

To see other work by McQuinn click here and here.

Okay, you're probably asking the same question I'm asking...where's the seventh gnome? That could be a mystical question for sure.


  1. Somehow gnomes lack the charm of dwarves...These paper toys are gorgeous. Amazing how much artistic attention was given to something so...ephemeral.

    1. I wish I could see other work done by McQuinn. I'm sure he did other pieces for The Delineator. It would be fun to print out and play with.