Such a deal! Free shocks for 10 days and then take them back. They of course believe that you will be so happy with your rental shocks that you’ll want to make them yours permanently
“But Henry, they're very expensive. We simply can’t afford them.”
“Nonsense, they’ll pay for themselves in no time. Just the gas mileage savings alone. I tell you, it’s going up a nickel before summer. So don’t star complaining to me when you want to go to Atlantic City in June to visit your mother and we don’t quite have enough money for gas.”
“Well, I don’t…”
“Didn’t baby feel better on the road, no more coccyx pain? Your breasts were barely bouncing. Comeeeeeeeeee onnnnnnnnnn. Just for me, Poopsie. Besides, what could possibly go wrong with a product made by Hassler?”

(SOURCE: The Delineator, July 1918)

To read a bit about the product click here to read a page from The Hardware Review, Vol. 42.

Click here to see another vintage magazine ad dating from 1919.

And I know a friend is going to be excited to see the image below which can be purchased here at the George H. LaBarre Galleries in Hollis, N.H.

Or click here to see an actual shock absorber plaque.

And the only biographical information I found in this article which states that Robert H. Hassler of Indianapolis, Indiana was the owner of the company.

I'm wondering if I could get these installed in my desk chair. Maybe my breasts wouldn't bounce around so much in this chair.


  1. Which makes me wonder what you do in your chair? LOL!

    1. Unfortunately my chair is my world. I spend far too much time in it, bouncing and not bouncing.