Smells like SCHOOL SPIRIT in a time warp

Did you enjoy high school? Were you enthused with school spirit? Not me. I never liked high school and I couldn’t wait to get out of there and never look back.

We were actually known as the most apathetic class to ever graduate from the place. The school was long ago shut down. I don’t even think it was open for 20 years. It’s been over 30 years since I drove by it.

What I’m saying is I would have never worn anything in school colors or carried around a football doll. Perhaps if I’d gone to high school in a different decade I might have felt differently about the whole rah rah stuff. We didn’t cruise Main Street, we went to Berkeley to walk along Telegraph. High school was just a place you were stuck; the world beckoned.

These ads, from 'TEEN magazine puts me in an American Graffiti time-warp. Swinging London's influence was only months away and teenagers would never be the same, at least not in my world.

(SOURCE: "TEEN, October 1963)
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  1. I wouldn't wear my high school colors not now and not then... look how far mom has to stand from the machine because of her beautiful 50's wide dress... Good think in real life they were a bit less rigid otherwise all moms would have serious back pain.

  2. And you know she's wearing pearls.

    I like the line where they say using the dye is "almost foolproof" because I never ever got one thing to dye nicely. There was always some part that didn't come out right. Well, I take part of that back. When I did tie dye it came out just like it was supposed to...stupid.