Once upon a time there was a tv show called “What’s My Line?” A panel of New Yorkers, from generally showbusiness, publishing, and high society, would sit behind a desk and ask questions of a contestant they didn’t know while the host tried to control the situation and also had the job of flipping over cards with money amounts on them. When the contestant was someone famous the panel would wear blindfolds.

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(SOURCE: Sunset, November 1967)

Somehow this poor woman got lost backstage. She was meant to be a panelist on the show, but ended up at a shoot for Zenith televisions. Poor thing. Nobody would tell her of her mistake and she simply wandered around for hours saying things like, “Have you ever jumped out of a plane?” and “Are you known for your meatloaf?” 

This shot was taken just as she said, “Oh, you must be a man because you have a very large button.”

As to the copy of the ad, well...the copywriters could have never imagined that in the future we'd do everything with remotes which contain enough buttons to launch an Apollo mission...AND do it without ever looking at the remote. I guess this is progress, though someday doctors specializing in repetitive motion injuries for thumbs will really clean up.

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