Is this ad corporate propaganda? I think we can figure out what's going on here without reading the text, but the text does add more color. Try to imagine a large corporation running an ad like this today? The idea that through their efforts the enemy is being killed. I don't recall seeing any defense contractors going to the general public with this message today. They don't need our approval. They've got representatives bought and paid for. I think they'd rather we not know how they are profiting from the wars.

The nation was different in World War II. The citizens were united in one effort. Not today. From today's perspective I find this ad unnerving. Perhaps in 1943 I'd have felt different. I don't know. I have a hard time demonizing a group of people instead of just individuals.

Milwaukee Rail_1943_tatteredandlost

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To read a brief history about the now defunct Milwaukee Road click here.

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  1. Another great piece of propaganda - keep them coming!