A NEW YEAR With a Couple of Recommendations

Now that we're officially out of the season, though my tree is still up and looking beautiful, it's time to move away from festive ephemera or anything pertaining to the holidays. You'll soon find I'm reneging on this.

This post is about two books you might be interested in, both with links to Amazon in the left column where you can see pages from their interiors and read reviews. One about ephemera, the other about being an artist.

Breathless Homicidal Slime Mutants by Steven Brower. Okay, I actually think they could have chosen a better title because this is simply too "hip" for a lot of people. It doesn't really give you an idea of the wonders between the covers. If you like collecting vintage paperbacks this is the latest book to provide a quick fix. Page after page of wonderful, odd, and salacious covers of all genres. Mysteries, science fiction, westerns, romance, even the classics, and so much more are covered. I was pleased to find a few books I actually own including this one below, I Want to Live.

A movie tie-in book for a film noir starring Susan Hayward for which she won an Academy Award. Want to see the movie? Turner Classics will be showing it on January 16th, check your schedule for the exact time.

I Want to Live_Susan Hayward_tatteredandlost

I Want to Live_bk_tatteredandlost

Now, the second book is a complete opposite. Signed, Abiah Rose is a wonderful children's book that my friend, who is an illustrator, gave to me for Christmas (told you I wouldn't let the holiday go in this post). An edition signed by the author Diane Browning. A tale of a young girl in the 18th century who wishes to be an artist. Though allowed by her father to paint, she is discouraged from signing her work, her mother telling her it would be "prideful." Oh my how times have changed. Abiah chooses to quietly sign her work with a rose. How many traveling artists from long ago were women hiding their identity? A beautifully illustrated book with an uplifting story. Do check out her blog at http://www.dianebrowningillustrations.com/.

As I said, totally different subject matter, but each book well worth owning.


  1. I don't know if the obstacles are still there for young women (girls) to pursue art as a career. I know some young women who are indeed encouraged to pursue art, but I also know some who have been discouraged. Depending upon the temperament, some of them find the challenge ("you aren't very good") a prod to creativity, while I've known at least one who has been given a free pass to whatever she wants in the way of tools, as long as they are of interest to her. She's darn good, and I also encourage her like I was encouraged and am honest in the critique area.

    Thanks for the heads up on Diane Browning!

  2. First, thanks for all the eye-candy and thoughtful commentary. Second, I remember, vividly, watching I WANT TO LIVE on late night TV in the 1970's (complete with used-car ads) with a committed advocate of the death penalty. Although melodramatic, it left him shaken and way more willing to listen to my arguments against this irreversible judgment.

  3. Ah, "I Want to Live." Thanks for the reminder!

    For me it’s the movie soundtrack. It’s by some of the best west coast jazz musicians around, ever. Including the legendary Gerry Mulligan.