New Year post card_S. Garre_tatteredandlost

New Year for me is the day I finally get to take the shrink wrap off my new calendar. Each year I buy the Cynthia Hart Victoriana calendar. Drives me nuts waiting to open it, but it's my own weird tradition. The calendar also includes some specially made post cards, a little calendar booklet, and a freestanding cardboard calendar. I think I've been buying this calendar for around 14 years. I never throw them away. If you like vintage ephemera scrap images you'll probably love this calendar. There's a link to it at Amazon in the left column so you can read about it.

I also recommend the book Cynthia Hart did in 1989 called Victorian Scrapbook. You can buy it for virtually pennies on Amazon. Current lowest price is 18 cents + shipping. I'm not kidding. I love the images in the book and the way Hart puts them together. Again, there is a link to the left at Amazon. There are a few images of interior pages available at the link.

As for today's image, I really know nothing. I can tell you that if you search the artist, S. Garre, you'll find a variety of holiday images at various sellers. I cannot find any bio material about Garre, so if anyone knows anything let me know. The card was printed in Germany, copyrighted in 1909. Little piece of paper that's survived over 101 years. A greeting from one friend to another, hopes of seeing each other soon. With my care this card should survive even longer and eventually someone else will need to be guardian.

New Year post card_bk_tatteredandlost

And I'm throwing this in for post card lovers. My best friend gave me this packet of chocolates for Christmas. I will never eat them because I love the way they look. Plus, she said the chocolate is not very good. I think they're, oh geez, I'm going to say it...cute. Yes, they're cute. Not cool, but cute. And you will never catch me saying anything is awesome. I will not use that phrase.

House of Dorchester_chocolate post cards_tatteredandlost

Hoping all had a safe New Year's Eve and a pleasant New Year Day. I'm hoping the actual year is a lot better than last year. I could use a break in the clouds.


  1. I'll do my level best to help you out with that 'hope'. ;o)

  2. Thanks for all the inspiration, eye-candy, and information. Warm wishes for a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2011!

  3. That's a great New Years postcard. It's a keeper. Thanks for sharing it with us.