I'm not going to bad mouth Greyhound. I know people do. I've never gone on a bus trip so I don't know what it's like. I can imagine.

We had a good family friend who was a Greyhound driver. His route was from Oakland to Reno, no matter the weather, over the Sierras. Nicest man you ever wanted to meet. Had eyes like Roy Rogers and a big smile. He died over 30 years ago. His name was Stan Deakins and my dad still misses him.

Go Greyhound_tatteredandlost

This vintage ad is from the August 7, 1953 Collier's.

As to this commercial...could they have been any cheaper? A toy bus on a Monopoly board? Funny thing is I'm not finding any nice vintage commercials for Greyhound. I'd have thought there must have been some from the 1960s extolling travel across country on the new highways Eisenhower built. Guess not.

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