Complete Roman Army, delivered FOR ONLY $1.98!

Yes, folks, this is the one you've been waiting for. For only $1.98 you get a complete Roman Army. 132 battling Italians all neatly delivered to your door. Sorry, no translator available. But for only $1.98 you get 4, count them 4 Generals - mounted. No, this isn't X rated. We'll let you find out what they're mounted on. You get 16 Slingers. No folks, we're not talking bartenders here, we're talking stark raving mad soldiers with rocks. Italians slinging rocks at each other. You'll get half of your army decked out in gold, the other in Navy blue. Sorry, no ships included.

132 Roman Soldiers_tatteredandlost
Click on any soldier to see them larger!

So, if you're tired of those Yankees and Lobster backs underfoot think of how great it would be to have your own Roman Army! They fight because they can! They don't need a reason. And for only $1.98 what can be your reason for not rushing a check in the mail? (Prices slightly higher in Canada. Sorry Canada, no personal checks accepted.)

So rush...rush...rush that check in today. Offer only good the month of October 1963. We may or may not make this offer again over the coming decades, but are you willing to take that chance?

ONLY $1.98. WOW! SUCH A DEAL! HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! Be the first on your block with your own private standing army.

(Not sold in Michigan)


  1. I imagine they excel at floating. But having said that, if it's going to break the sale "Ya, sure, they're find strapping swimmers. Never seen such little guys swim so hard. Had them in the back of my toilet tank just yesterday swimming laps. Ya sure, dontcha know. Fine swimmers. Everyone a fine swimmer...well except for the guys attached to the cannons. I'm having to call in a plumber.