TASK FORCE! Today only! ONE DOLLAR! Helen has gone Cuhhhhhhraaaaaaaaaaazy!

You heard me right folks. Helen of Toy is CUHHHHHHRAAAAAZY! She has lowered the cost of TASK FORCE to $1.00! That's one dollar for all the fine items you see below.

Task Force toy_tatteredandlost
Click on that spewing hot lava protruding from the tank to see it larger!

16 tanks. Count 'em. 16 TANKS! You can't get much cuhhhhhhraaaazier than that. 24 PLANES! 8 LANDING BARGES! And for those of you in your later years of life...24 PILL BOXES! Yes, you heard me right. 24 PILL BOXES. Enough to share with everyone in the retirement home. Or keep them all yourself and have 24 days of your meds organized.

(What? What do you mean? Uh huh. Uh huh. Okay, sorry.)

Like I said 24 Pill Boxes, that's a bunker boys and girls. So maybe Helen should have said that upfront, buy hey, I'm only an employee. I don't write this stuff.
"Tension runs high as a big full scale battle looms with all elements participating on land, sea and air. The team best able to strategically place his forces and direct his firing will be the only battle survivor!

There is no imagination necessary here!! You get the equipment, the battlefield and the rules on how to Locate, Occupy and Destroy the enemy.

It is actually played and tremendously enjoyed by members of our real Armed Forces."
Can you get a better guarantee that that? I don't think so!

So rush your dollar in by the end of today, October 1963, to Helen of Toy. Slightly higher in Canada, England, and Australia.

Don't believe me? Well read this review right here and you'll be convinced that the 1963 Helen of Toy Company is completely on the up and up.


  1. Helen of Toy! Gotta love the name. Great link to deceptive comic advertising. I think one of the biggest offenders was the co. that touted 100 dolls from foreign countries (or something like that) for some insanely cheap price. Cheapo plastic, poorly painted. I've seen a few of those dolls for sale on eBay and at flea markets.

  2. I forgot about those dolls. Yes, I always wanted to send in for those. Never bought anything from a comic book ad. My folks wouldn't let me waste the money. Of course, I didn't think it would be a waste. I mean, those companies couldn't possibly have been lying.

  3. The best part is the fact that it requires NO imagination!! Exactly the kind of toys I always wanted to play with! And, and, gen-you-wine armed forces play with with these exciting toys! That IS a ringing endorsement!

    Hey, you don't have to 'splain no stinkin' pill boxes to me, my friend. I've watched lots of WWII movies! ;-}