General Motors is proud to present PETER BENCHLEY'S JAWS!

Okay, cue the music. Da da, da da...da da, da da...dooo doo dooooooooooooo.

General Motors 1956 was apparently anticipating Jaws 11 years into the future because they seem to have been thinking about manufacturing a car that looks like a great white shark. A great white shark driving through the Castro District on Halloween. I'm not kidding!

Remember when cars had tail fins? Ummm...NOT LIKE THIS YOU DON'T! This thing has a dorsal fin on the trunk. A HUGE dorsal fin. Imagine trying to open the trunk in your garage? Oops, there goes the roof.

General Motors Mortorama of 1956_postcard_tatteredandlost
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and for crying out loud SAVE YOURSELF, STAY OUT OF THE WATER!

And I'm starting to think that maybe this great white that's been spotted this weekend in Cape Code...GM junk drifting towards shore. Somewhere along the line they dumped this model car in the ocean and it's been dislodged from a reef during the recent Atlantic storms and is now heading towards Cape Code. I'm just sayin'.


  1. Holy tail fin, Batman! That is really godawful! I can see why we didn't see any of these on the road, or at least I don't remember seeing them! And I DO think I would have remembered!

    You're gonna need a bigger boat....no, wait! Here it comes driving down the street! LOL

  2. It is so stunningly bad. Looks like a fish, sounds like a rocket. Looks like a fish, sounds like a rocket. It's a focket!

    I know there was the big push back then to think futuristic, but this looks like something out of one of those SciFi go into outer space B movies.Cue Zza Gabor and her minions in Queen from Outerspace.