Oh my dear sweet pet, you give me Comfort

What I like most about doing this ephemera blog is the "research" I get to do. I use the term loosely because let's admit it, when doing research on the net you just never know how valid the information is. So anytime you see me post anything, take it with a grain of salt. All I've done is search around through Google trying to find out what pops up when I do word searches. I try to find as much information as I can and then I regurgitate it back through here to you. Now, due to my lack of net access I can't do the research. All I can do is post something I find very humorous and hope you enjoy it.

This is from a magazine called "Comfort" which was basically a rag sent out to rural folks full of bad advertisements, get-rich-quick schemes, a few stories, and a few household hints. The magazine also included columns wherein readers would write in to the "Comfort Sister's Corner conducted by Mrs. Wheeler Wilkinson" or to "Comfort's League of Cousins Conducted by Uncle Lisha". The following is to Uncle Lisha in the September 1931 issue. I read this the other night and then thought "Oh, I so have to post this!" If nothing else I know Eloh is going to laugh and that's a good thing.

Enjoy! This is one you'll want to email friends just so they can shake their heads and laugh.

Lonsome Mountaineer_Comfort Magazine 9.31_tatteredandlost


  1. What a riot. The guy sounds quite put out--all because a girl put out. I like the way he does everything a girl shouldn't do, at least once.

  2. A wife, a radio and a bungalow? What else is there in the world? Thanks for posting this. It's very funny.

  3. OMG! That is hilarious! Too bad we can't meet this guy, he's a hoot!

    Not having search tools doesn't seem to have affected your ability to make me laugh! Thanks for the good times!

  4. I tell you I've been chomping at the bit waiting to post this. Of all the letters in this rag tag paper it was the best, but there are some others I will eventually post.

    If anyone out there has any Comfort issues that closely follow the Sept. 1931 issue I'll hope they look to see if ol' Lonesome Mountaineer ever wrote back. Unfortunately he didn't include a photo but some of them do and ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy...

  5. This is so funny. Of course, we've all heard the term "heavy petting" but I didn't know they used it to such a degree in the past. I will have to pass this on to my parents who will definitely get a kick out of it.