Back to the lodges. All three of these are from Yellowstone. I haven't eaten in any of these. Last lodge I ate at was up in Jackson Hole. And before that was the beautiful old lodge at Crater Lake. Really fine food at both locations. Not like the snack shops where it's hurry hurry, fast fast, people in line behind you in shorts and odd hats. Eating sitting down at a lodge is different. Again, it's a step back in time.

Yellowstone Lodges_tatteredandlost
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The first card was published by J. L. Robbins Co. out of Spokane Washington and is of the dining room at the lodge at the west entrance to the park. Nothing written on the back.

The second card, published by Haynes Picture Shops, Inc. has the following on the back: 
Grand Canyon Hotel Lounge from  Office, Yellowstone Park. This hotel, of which Robert C. Reamer was architect, is a quarter of a mile from the brink of the Grand Canyon. Its Lounge Room is used for concerts, dances, and a place to rest.
And the final card, also published by Haynes Picture Shops:
Canyon Lodge Lobby, Yellowstone Park, one of the largest structure in the entire camp system in the park was completed in 1925.  Canyon Camp is on the south side of the Grand Canyon convenient to Uncle Tom's Trail, the Upper Fall of the Yellowstone and Artist Point.
I wish they sold cards like this at the parks, like the lovely ones of the old posters I posted about two days ago. The cards these day are pretty high gloss shots, but they seem to be missing a little bit of soul. Okay, I admit it, I bought prairie dog cards when I was in Wyoming. I loved the prairie dog villages and would sit amongst them getting them all upset. Cute little buggers. Still, I'd have bought more cards if they'd have had a feeling of history. Most of the cards I bought at Rushmore were old photos that had been reissued. Maybe those of us that like ephemera are just the exception to the sales rules.


  1. I've eaten at the lodge in Yosemite and it was delicious. I think I had salmon and it was perfectly done, not overcooked, which I detest.

    My friend Ginny and I stayed there when we did a California coast road trip from Sacramento to San Francisco, down to San Luis Obispo, then back up inland and through Yosemite. We were actually not in the main lodge, but in one of the outer buildings, but we could look out the back door of our room and see Yosemite Falls. It was awesome!

  2. You know, and I hate to admit it, but I haven't been to Yosemite since 1962 and it's only a few hours away. I'm hoping to go next year. Probably going to go up to Lassen later in the month, maybe. Need a National Park fix.