WHO knew?

Apparently ol' Santa was way ahead of his time and really into German engineering. Santa in a VW Beetle in 1960. Okay, I know it's not really a bug, but it is rather fascinating because the VW had not yet taken off as the car icon it became. Pretty soon VW was running great simple ads in all media that had people rethinking the size of their cars. Ol' Santa was either ahead of the curve or secretly the elves are the ones who had been working on German engineering for a very long time. Wonder what Santa drives now when he's not whipping through the skies in his sleigh? Perhaps the car designers should take a quick trip to the North Pole to see what the elves have on the drawing board for the future. 

I must say I am glad that somewhere along the line they did make a decision about where to put the steering wheel. This wheel in the center is a little too politically correct. "Don't want to offend those that drive on the right nor antagonize those that drive on the left. Let's put the wheel in the middle!" I believe that elf Deluzhin was moved to the wrapping paper department and came up with the first ever gift bag.

From 1960 Western Printing and Lithography Co.

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