FAUX CHRISTMAS TREE, no candles allowed

This tree, from the 1960 Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas magazine, always fascinated me. It was designed by Gerry Rosentsweig. Tissue paper on chicken wire with a flower pot base painted black. It stands 5 feet tall! Now, if you wanted to make this these days with the time constraints most of us face I'd recommend finding a kindergarten class that loves tissue paper and is adept at using scissors. Otherwise, scale it down! 

I've included the instructions for those thinking of what decorations they want in 2012 because you're going to need to start rolling those roses now! And if the instructions are simply too small for you to read let me know and I'll email you a copy. Unfortunately they did not include how to put the chicken wire together. I guess they figured the husbands would do it on the weekend.

Oh, and just in case for legal purposes this needs to be stated...no candles on the tree! And most likely if you get this thing wet it will stain your carpet.

But it's still fun! For people who love Christmas crafts this might be a nice retro challenge. For me...I'll stick with the picture and my imagination.

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