Oooooo LA LA! Ach du liebe!

The end of another year. Kick out the old, anticipate being paralyzed by the new. I guess all a sane person can do is party...or hide under the covers.

I don't know where this postcard was printed because it has "post card" written on the back multiple times in multiple languages, including Cyrillic. The card was mailed from Petaluma, California to San Francisco. Now about a 45 minute drive. Back then...an all day trip. The handwriting on the front is in German.

What I especially like is the die cut behind the fussy woman in the hat. The whole shape has a nice artist's palette to it with this die cut as the thumb hole. Perhaps the young man's mama, the holder of the purse strings, has discovered her son is a rogue?

Ummmmmm...is it just me or does the fellow look a bit on the effeminate side? I'm just saying. There's possibly more going on here than we first notice.

Happy New Year!

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