RECYCLING made merry

"Recycle" might be the buzz word now, but way back when people were trying to find ways to be creative with trash. For example:

From Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas for 1963 I give you "Baubles by Frances Callahan" made from plastic berry baskets. Aren't you kicking yourself for throwing all of those out? I've included the instructions in case there is someone out there with a stack of these things in the garage that they've been moving around for months. Here's your solution as to how to get rid of them! Let me know if it works.

And from Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas 1967 I give you the pop-art hip 60s version of recycling those dastardly-dangerous-cut-your-foot-at-the-beach pop-tops. Look down at the ground long enough and I'm sure you'll still find them in the floatsam and jetsam. However, since it's unlikely you'll find enough to actually make any of these ornaments I've left the instructions small. If there's someone out there who would like to see the instructions larger just drop me an email.

Nobody ever said "ephemera is always pretty." Well actually I just did, but I think you get what I mean.

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