Shooting STARS

You know those obnoxious little subscription cards blown into magazines that always fall out and annoy the heck out of you when you're trying to look through a magazine in a store? Do you bend over and pick them up or do you leave them on the floor? Don't worry, I'm not going to judge you one way or the other. More than once I've taken my foot and slid them under a counter just to get them out of the way so someone doesn't slip on the blasted things.

What you see below are insert cards I actually saved. These were in the American Film Institute magazine. I'm not sure if it was late 70s or early 80s, but I have a small stack with 20 different photos. Can you name the stars and the films? Give it a try and let me know. They're all pretty easy.


  1. Easy peasy:
    1. Dorothy McGuire, Gregory Peck, John Garfield
    2. Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert
    3. John Wayne, Montgomery Clift
    4. Fred Astaire

    What do I win??

  2. I know one of the movies - Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in "It Happened One Night". I watched that a month or so ago on tv. I could remember the scene where she got out and did the hitchhiking, and the one with the walls of Jericho in the room. Movies were so very much simpler and not nearly as realistic as they are now but they were so good! Hve a great weekend!! Carol

  3. Ummmmm...my undying thankfulness that you read my drivel? Does that work for you?

    Now, name the movies.

  4. Oh yes, that hitchhiking scene is one of the all time great ones. Great film. Wish I'd seen it when it was on. Haven't seen it in a long time.

    You have a good weekend too. It's beautiful here with the apple orchard in blossom and warm weather.

  5. Okay, let's see.
    1. Gentleman's Agreement
    2. It Happened One Night
    3. Red River?
    4. Royal Wedding.

    No prize? Dang. Just my luck. Guess I'll just have to keep reading your blog anyway!!

    Funoldhag: Movies then were "entertainment" - they didn't need to be "real" they just needed to be entertaining. Wish they still were.

  6. Give the little lady with stars in her eyes a ceegar! Now get away from me kid, you botha me!