MOTEL hopping: HOLIDAY INN memories

For so many years staying at a Holiday Inn was only a dream. They were too expensive for my family. Gradually, I guess as my father's income increased, we began to stay at them more often. The last one I remember staying in was in London in 1975. After weeks and weeks of traveling through Europe my friends and I just wanted something that felt familiar with a bathroom NOT down the hall.

On the same trip we'd also stayed at the Holiday Inn in Augsburg, Germany. Actually there's a very long story about that hotel which only personal friends have been bored with. I'll save you the details, but there was a McDonald's clown involved, a stick shift in a candy colored green Opal, and trolley tracks. Like I said, a long story.

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. Giving us no details about a McDonald clown, a stick shift Opal (candy green) and trolley tracks only makes me want to hear more!

    1. It's better left to your imagination. Let's just say hours and hours of driving around Augsburg in search of the Holiday Inn only to discover we'd been circling it for those many hours. It would have been so much easier if they'd had one of these big signs.

      And I still won't forget the looks on the faces of the trolley riders who were waiting for their ride only to have the candy green Opal pull up.