NOVEMBER 20, 1939 from Tacoma, Washington

Just a mysterious old envelope mailed from Tacoma, Washington on November 20, 1939. I wonder what was so important as to need being registered? The envelope is empty. It's a lovely old piece of paper.

Click on image to see it larger.

Another item from Bert's collection.


  1. My Husband's Aunt would visit the restaurant that was located at this had address I have visited the Restaurant in 1982 Use banquet room Bowling Trophies at end od tournament. Now it is an Office for the Native Qwest. You would have to be about 94 years old to Know more about the letter. there is a senior Citizen home about about away for most of the Local about were the old Hospital was on McKinley Hill. Valerie Reed and Dan Baumgardner

    1. Thank you for the information! It's nice to have some sort of context for the address. A piece of land that's been used for multiple purposes.