"Go three miles down this road until you get to the Texaco station. Turn left at the Texaco station and continue another two miles until you come to the orange juice stand. Drive around the back of the orange juice stand to the dirt road. Take the dirt road around sixteen miles until you come to the old house with the rooster on the roof. If the rooster isn't on the roof knock on the door and ask why the rooster isn't on the roof. Turn left after the rooster and go a quarter mile to the palmetto plant. Whatever you do, don't touch the palmetto. Turn right at the palmetto and drive until you come to the paved road. Cross over the paved road and drive through the tunnel of trees, but watch out for the snakes hanging in the trees. Turn left right after the tunnel of trees and continue on a quarter of a mile until...."

"Grandpa, where did you send those people?"

"I have no idea."

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