GREETINGS from Cedar Ridge Trading Post

If you've never been to the Navajo Nation you've missed some of the most interesting and beautiful places in this country. Much of the land is desert, which for many would seem boring and ugly. I guess I'm different, because I find a beauty in the mile after mile of nothingness.

But it's in places like Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly where you will find your breath taken away. If you haven't seen Monument Valley at dawn you've missed an incredible experience. No man made church can compete with the spiritual beauty of this place. Canyon de Chelly will make your heart beat a little faster. To see the wing shadow of a raven flying across a canyon wall is stunning. To hear the sound of a native flute echoing across the walls of Anasazi ruins as the leaves of a poplar tree quietly rustle...incredible.

I believe this post card photo was taken in Monument Valley. This particular Navajo/DinĂ© woman appeared on many post cards and in many books. Her name was Happy Cly. It is believed that she was the most photographed Native American. If you have seen the movie The Return of Navajo Boy you will know about the Cly family and what happened to them at the hands of unregulated uranium mining in Monument Valley. It's a powerful movie. Click here and here to see more photos of Happy Cly. The photo below the card is from the book Kayenta and Monument Valley authored by Carolyn O'Bagy Davis, Harvey Leakes, and Richard Paul Mike.

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You might not be able to read it, but on the front of the card it says "Greetings from Cedar Ridge Trading Post." You can see an old photo of the trading post here. It was located on the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona. I don't believe it still exists. But there is a wonderful historical trading post that you can visit called the Hubbell Trading Post. Well worth the stop and make sure you take the tour. So many beautiful hand woven rugs available to buy. It had my head spinning and wishing I had a ton of money.

This card was published by Bob Petley. You can see more about him by clicking on his name in the labels below.


  1. I grew up at Cedar Ridge! My parents, Don & Barbara Norris, were the managers from the late 1960's through 1983. Thank you for this post!

    1. That is so exciting. What an incredible childhood you must have had. I think there's a book in you somewhere.