For anyone who has been reading my nonsense for a few years you might recall my posts (here and here) about Ovaltine being a sleep aid. Every so often the old Ovaltine posts become "popular" with repeated daily hits. I've always found this curious. I envision a group of people discussing amongst themselves via email:
"Hey, did you see this? This person says Ovaltine can help you to sleep better."
"Where'd you read that?"
"Right here."
"I don't believe them. I don't think they should make statements like that without some sort of proof!"
Oh, I know, this seems far fetched, but I guarantee you it isn't.

A few weeks ago I received a lengthy comment from someone demanding I provide "PROOF" that Ovaltine was a sleep aid. They went into all sorts of self-analyzation trying to convince me and them that perhaps they needed to be drinking it with warm milk. They also informed me they preferred it with cold milk. I mean, this was a comment that they'd actually spent time composing. I stared at it and thought, "Are you freakin' kidding me?" There are just some days when comments like this need to go into the trash. If they can't understand the absurdity of the original post I'm not going to spend time explaining it to them. I'm sure they were just a curious person, but they hit me on a bad day and they were deleted. I thought of posting it, but really didn't want them to look the fool and I didn't want to spend the time dealing with it.

Well, perhaps they'll eventually come upon today's post in which I provide "PROOF" (they used the all caps, not me) that the makers of Ovaltine say it is a sleep aid. I rest my case. I just had a glass and I'm too tired to continue.

I'm not a real doctor; I just play one on the internet tubes.

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  1. i think you might be right.

  2. Anonymous2/28/2015

    I DO NOT make comments but I have to about this one.
    Ovaltine makes you sleepy is an under statement.I do not drink that stuff at all.WhenI were have have children that thing always put me to sleep like if I HAD BEEN DRUG.Never dring it no more

    1. So we could say you're an unsatisfied customer who didn't like that it worked as advertised. I feel your pain.

    2. I haven't seen it advertised as a sleep aid before. Just as a nutritious malt drink that is better for you than hot chocolate, so it makes kids and moms happy. A classic. So, anonymous's post made me think she feels it does not warn against drowsiness when maybe it should. I don't know either way, but I am going to give it a try for my 10 year old son who's having trouble sleeping. Even more so between your blog post and Anonymous's comment! (I stumbled across your blog when I searched, "does Ovaltine help you sleep"). And I find it funny that someone *demanded* PROOF from you! LOL! And that you found it by accident! HA! Too bad you deleted their comment! (It bugs me a lot when people YELL, but the poor souls probably don't know HOW ALL CAPS SOUNDS CRAZY).

    3. Glad you found the post. It seems to draw all sorts of people to it. And yes, even the crazy folks. Hoping your son gets some well deserved sleep, though I'm not sure sugar before bed will actually do it.

  3. Warm milk helps you sleep, I do know that!!!