Roller Skating is A VERY CLEAN SPORT

It's 1959 and this girl, who makes me think of Gidget, wants some Chicago Skates. Her dad is more than happy to cough up some extra cash to help her achieve her goal. I mean, she's a bit on the manipulative side. "Oh woe is me. I won't skate unless I'm wearing Chicago Skates." He falls for it. But is he aware of the old dude she calls? Her skating partner has more gray in his hair than her father!

Take a look at her expression as she calls Terry; looking over her shoulder as if she's planning something she doesnt' want dear old dad to know about.

In the end dad is fine with all of it because "skating is clean fun too!" Yeah, you wouldn't want your darling manipulator getting down and dirty. But then dad doesn't know about Terry in the loud sports coat.

Click on image to see it larger. (SOURCE: Laugh, February,1959)

Founded in 1905 by Elisha Clark Ware, and run by his sons—Ralph, Walter and Robert—the Chicago Roller Skate Company became the largest manufacturer in the roller skating industry through most of the 20th century. Their products have included both rink and outdoor roller skates, and convertible ince/roller skates. Many innovations in roller skating were introduced by this firm, such as the St Pierre detachable skate, the "Flex-i-Flote" skate, and the "Velvet Tread" wheel system. The Chicago Roller Skate Company, in addition to being a leading force in the industry, contributed greatly over the years to the popularization of roller skating.
Chicago Skates still exists, but is now owned by National Sporting Goods. I imagine there have been some tough times for this company. Kids just don't do the things we did long ago. They don't play like we played. They don't have friendships like we had. They still have clean fun, but unfortunately they live in rather dirty times.

Chicago Skates are available through Amazon. Makes me wish I didn't have such crummy knees and live off a dirt road.

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