It's Sunday and maybe you're thinking of doing a little online shopping. HAVE I GOT SOME DEALS FOR YOU!!!!

When you're thinking of Tombstones, asthma, jewelry, free food, or just listening to the radio on the farm...LOOK NO FURTHER. Shop at Tattered and Lost's SUNDAY MADNESS! (Products only available when delivered by hand between the hours of 9:45 AM and 10:00 AM PST, June 19, 2011. Prices way way higher in Canada. Come early for even better deals. We're Cuuuuuuuurazzzzzzzzy about deals!)

Buy one now and keep it in your closet. Get the words you really want! Don't expect relatives to put that limerick on your tombstone that you're so fond of! Buy two now and surprise your loved one on their birthday.

Have asthma? Need help? Inhale our powder, cigarette, or pipe mixture! Easy to use! And while you're at it how about a tombstone? Reasonable prices! Today only!

Looking for that special gift for that person you follow down the city street each day? How about a fine piece of jewelry with your mug on it? You'll be there when they brush their teeth. You'll be there when they eat their breakfast. Guaranteed to slide on finger and never come off. (Ask about solution to take green tinge off fingers for additional 25 cents!)

Stuck on the farm with nothing to do? How about this lady with her genormous hand with the midget radio? Plays the hit song "Years for Nothing." (Requires car battery.)

Looking for free food? Or some etc? Rush your name and address for big ass't selection. Free! Absolutely FREE! (Shipping charges extra. Only $29.95 for first ounce. Each additional ounce $15.95! At these prices we'll be out of business before the celery rots!!!)

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