The artist who worked on this must have been bored adding the color to the audience. They skipped around as if playing Chess for the first time. Red here, blue here, and then "what the heck do I do with the pukey lemon/lime color?" One poor woman, in the middle got an orange coat and a puckey lemon/lime face and hair. The pukey lemon/lime seems to have been the most odd color to use. And I'm not sure, but I believe there is a floating lemon/lime jello mold floating above the chorus on stage. The flag is most certainly an artist's rendering.

Grant Park Band Shell postcard_tatteredandlost
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This is truly a very odd odd world that was created in this image. The Blob people in the park.

Grant Park Band Shell_bk_tatteredandlost

This is a Curt Teich Linen card distributed by Aero Distributing Co., Inc., Chicago, Illinois. I'm not finding anything about Aero; a lot of cards, but no historical information.

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  1. They're being irradiated...

  2. Oh you are so right! It is a 1950s Sci-Fi movie.

  3. What I love about scenes in that era are the way people dressed up for everything. Many of the woman wear hats and the men dress shirts and some have hats, also. Far cry from all the t-shirts with the funny sayings, jeans, etc., that would be prevalent in a crowd like that nowadays! Fun stuff.

  4. You are so right. These days you'd see some girl sitting on the shoulders of a guy pulling her t-shirt up. Times have changed and I really don't know where it will stop.