Take it or leave it WITH A JEEP

From the July 1969 Sunset magazine I give you Jeep camping. Frankly, I didn’t even know you could put a camper on a Jeep, nor do I recall ever seeing one. Here’s proof they existed.

(SOURCE: Sunset, July 1969)

Now the question is was this possibly the stupidest camping spot ever? Cross a stream then camp at the base of a rocky hill on a tiny spec of open space. Of course he drove away leaving her to fend with the falling rocks and wildlife. Or perhaps he was washed downstream.

I’m beginning to think the “Take it or leave it” is referring to his wife. Not a good sign.

To those familiar with Ernie from my photography blog visit Ernie’s wife and daughter with their camper.


  1. Forget the camping spot. I'd sooner hitch a boat anchor to the back of a Jeep - it's like a six wheeled vehicle - trailer attached.

    I shudder at the disaster possibilities.

  2. The whole thing seems a tad unsafe. The camping spot, the way its connected to the jeep, how top heavy and unstable it looks and the fact that the door is in the back... imagine it getting unstuck from its parking space and rolling down on you just as you stepped out to greet the morning...

    1. Ruth, I thought the same thing. Just how sturdy is this thing in a turn? Perhaps this is the reason I don't remember seeing them on the road.