If I'm lucky, every other month I get to attend a luncheon with World War II pilots, of which my father is one. There used to be almost two hundred members including survivors of prisoner of war camps, a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, even a Luftwaffe pilot. The numbers are dwindling; it's sad to see history disappearing right before my eyes.

This image is a reminder of those we are losing and have lost. Our fathers, uncles, and grandfathers. The history will soon be only books. Remember to ask your questions now.

U.S. Air Corps post card_tatteredandlost
Click image to see it larger.

Note that this card was mailed before we had entered the war. December 7th was still to come.

To visit the World War 2 Pilots Association click here. I can't help but feel sad when I see some of the faces of those who are gone when I watch the video.


  1. I too share your feelings. I interviewed a WWII fighter pilot several years ago and had him autograph the covers I did for the Hellcat stamp. My neighbor, also a WWII pilot, flew the Avenger, which is in the upper right corner of your card. God Bless them all for what they gave us.

  2. That's actually I believe, the TBD, the Devastator. My dad flew the TBM, the Avenger, off of carriers.

  3. You're both wrong. It's the North American O-47, an observation plane that saw service before the war.

  4. Ray, You're absolutely right! Thanks for the correction. More plane posts to come.