ENERGY Is What I Need

I've been away. First on vacation, then trying to recover from the last day of vacation. I don't bounce back from stressful situations as easily as I did when I was younger. They now hang on, imbed into every part of me, leaving me sitting and staring at a wall saying, "Huh?"

Perhaps all I need is one of these nifty inventions from the September 1956 National Geographic. 54 years later it's only now beginning to take hold. My neighbor has their house fully solar as does the neighbor on the other side for his pool.

Okay, I'm still holding out for the flying car. They promised!

solar panels_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

As for the Bell Telephone System, well...that's long gone. Now I have the low life SBC out of Texas which changed their name to Bell hoping to hide how disgraceful a company they are. It's not working. But I'm too tired to throw a tantrum about how much I dislike SBC. About now I just need something to give me energy. If it means strapping one of these to my back and carrying the battery pack in a little red wagon behind I say okie dokie.

I am back and I am grasping reality a little bit better each day.


  1. Bell Telephone did that? I had no idea. I would like a solar energy pack too. If I could just get by on 4 hours of sleep, I could accomplish so much more. Well, I hope your vacation was enjoyable anyway.

  2. I know. Who'd have thunk? I was a bit stunned when I found the ad.

  3. Speaking of little red wagons...

  4. Too fabulous!!! Thanks Dave!