By the sea, by the sea, BY THE BEAUTIFUL SEA

Why do people on the East Coast say they're going to the shore when they go to the ocean and why do people on the West Coast say we're going out to the coast? I always get such a kick out of hearing my relatives and friends in Pennsylvania say they're going to the shore. It sounds so turn of the century.

This box was most likely purchased at the shore in the 1950s. Specifically Ocean Beach, Maryland shore. I'm not sure of it's age. I do recall at one point it was a button box and contained all sorts of lovely buttons that I'd dump out and play with as a child. Now it's just a box that I keep in a special cupboard where I store old tins and what-nots. I just went in search of the button jar where most of the old buttons have been stored for the past few decades. I decided to take out the ones that spark special memories and put them in a jar on my bookshelf. Funny how little buttons can bring back so many memories.

Dolle_s Original Salt Water Taffy_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

This company, Dolle's Salt Water Taffy, is still in business. I have no idea if I ever went there, but I do have memories of going to the boardwalk as a child and playing on the beach. I remember having one of those little plastic Cupie dolls on a stick with feathers sticking out of it and one of the monkey's that you'd wind up and it would play cymbals. Alas, they never came out of storage (Sneer here!) along with my Mouseketter ears. I know, let it go. It's been decades.


  1. OMG, you're so right! When we lived in Pittsburgh, everyone there went to Ocean Beach and everyone on the eastern side goes to the Jersey Shore. Now, where I come from (southern Ohio), everyone goes to Myrtle Beach. Except me, I don't do crowded beach scenes. If I go to the ocean, I want it to be at a federally protected seashore where there's NOOOO development. I want to be able to hear the gulls and the waves crashing into the shore.

    Wellll, I sort of got off topic, didn't I? Anyway, lovely pictures from the taffy box!

  2. In Hawaii you just said you were going to the beach. The whole island was a shore. You couldn't get away from it. You'd start out in the morning and drive around the island in a day on two lane roads. It was great. And when you wanted, you stopped and went down to the beach.

    My father reminded me last night that we did go to this particular candy store. I remember loving salt water taffy so it must have been Dolle's. The stuff we get out here is pretty bad. A lot of it gets shipped in and it's stale. Plus now I can't eat it anymore anyway. Oh well.

    I'll have to check that out and see if my version of Firefox does that.