AND WHAT DID YOU DO at the beach?

These illustrations are from the 1946 Scott, Foresman and Company Before We Read. And yes, this is the same Dick and Jane family, but in a little workbook. The whole gang is here except for Puff. Puff didn't get to go to the beach. Obviously Dick and Jane's folks weren't fools. Who would take a cat to the beach? I'm sure there is someone out there who has one leash trained that does very nicely on the beach, thank you very much. I had a cat that was leash trained. I don't care how odd it looked. It worked for me...except for when we took walks for him to go to the bathroom and all he did was dig a golf course. Then I'll admit, it looked really really stupid.

This book is virtually nothing but pictures. The only words appear at the end and they are...drum roll please..."Dick" and "Jane" repeated several times. Someday I'll scan those. Until then I thought we needed something a little summertime, a little bit of Dick and Jane at the beach. Can you say "See Jane play. See Jane play with Spot. Run Spot run." I'm sure you can. 

Before We Read_beach1_tatteredandlost

Before We Read_beach 2_tatteredandlost

Bdfore We Read_tatteredandlost
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  1. I loved the 'Dick and Jane' readers! Although I was bored in first grade because it took me about two days to read them straight through. The pictures were great and I didn't know this one existed. We didn't have kindergarten where I grew up, so we went right into the first reader. I found a third-grade reader just like mine a few years ago. It has an honored spot on my bookshelves.

  2. I bought this little workbook on ebay a few years ago. I'd never seen it before. I wish I had the Dick and Jane reader that my folks had to buy me to take across country when we moved to Hawaii. I had to do homework the whole way across country and aboard ship. Then when I got to school in Hawaii I found out that they were about 3 months behind where I was. So I had to do the work all over again PLUS continue on with where I was. So I was 7 years old and had double homework each night. The school was insane. My teacher was insane and I hope someday it all came back to bite her on the you know what.