MOTEL hopping: Passing through Fort Stockton with a big bird chasing us

Keep your shoes off and stuck out the window. We won’t be stopping tonight. This old Ramada Inn card for Fort Stockton, Texas doesn’t even supply an address so I don’t know if it’s still standing or not. 

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Having checked Yelp to see if they had any information, I find nothing. It’s possible this building is still around under another name or has had a facelift. Who knows. I always thought Ramada Inns looked like Stuckey’s. Why they both chose the same sort of architecture I’ll never know…or really care.

The publisher of the card was Schaaf Post Card Company out of Alamogordo, New Mexico. I can't find any historical information about them.

Doesn’t it seem stupid to have not put contact information on the back of a post card? No address. No telephone number. No customers. Granted, Fort Stockton is small so you probably couldn't have missed the faux colonial buildings, but still...advertising 101.

So folks, we’re leaving Texas tonight. If you want to know more about Fort Stockton as I barrel out of town click here.

Wave at Paisano Pete as we leave town in a hurry.

(SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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