Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, and the UNKNOWN COWBOY

A movie tie-in book. Love collecting these. Pointless, but always fun to find one.

So how would you feel to have gotten a part in the movie, your image on the cover of the book, but then no information given as to who you are? People in the movie who aren't on the cover got credit, but the lone fellow on the right is left out. I'm a guessin' he's thikin' somethin' along the lines of, "I think I'd better talk to my agent."

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  1. The actor is Jeff Osterhage, and his name is on the back cover of the book. In The Sacketts, he played Tyrell. On the DVD cover, he's in the middle and credited. I have a very vague memory of having seen parts of the mini series. I went to IMDB to confirm Osterhage's identity. The DVD cover is on the site.

    1. Thank you. Glad to put a name to the face. Sort of sad he didn't rate the front cover, but I'll admit I still don't know who he is.