HOWARD THE DUCK is even embarrassing in paperback

 I don't know why I feel I must say right up front that I did NOT buy this book. It was free, an item someone was tossing. I have never seen more than a few minutes of this movie, but do remember the reviews. Thus I worry that when I die and someone is sorting through my stuff they'll find this book and say, "Really? She read this?"

No, I have not read it. I grabbed it only because it was a movie tie-in book. I also have one for Rambo that also makes me cringe. I gave Stallone my time for Rocky I and II then never looked back. Even the cover of the Rambo book creeps me out. With this very creepy duck I simply said, "Nope. Not goin' there." I would prefer to watch the Aflac duck for two hours.
Howard the Duck is a 1986 American science fiction comedy film directed by Willard Huyck and produced by George Lucas. It is loosely based on the Marvel comic book of the same name, created by Steve Gerber and quoting scripts by Bill Mantlo, the film focuses on Howard, an alien from a planet inhabited by anthropomorphic ducks, who is transported to Earth, where he meets Beverly, a struggling singer. As Howard attempts to find a way to return to his planet, he helps Beverly with her career, develops a romance with her, and finds himself having to save humanity from an evil alien monster. The film stars Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Robbins, the voice of Chip Zien as Howard and multiple actors in the physical role.
Lucas proposed adapting the comic book following the production of American Graffiti, and began production on the film after stepping down as the president of Lucasfilm to focus on producing. Huyck and producer Gloria Katz's adaptation altered the personality of the character, and placed less emphasis on satirical storytelling in order to highlight the special effects work of Industrial Light & Magic. Following multiple production difficulties and mixed response to test screenings, Howard the Duck was released on August 1, 1986. The film received extremely negative reviews and was a box office failure. Observers criticized the decision to shoot the film in live action rather than as an animated film and the unconvincing appearance of Howard. The film frequently ranks among the worst films of all time. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
You can read reviews here at Rotten Tomatoes.

Yes, it's true that I will stoop very low to grab a movie tie-in book. I'm not proud of it. It is part of my dark side.

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