Beans and bacon IN THE VOTING BOOTH

Generally I post only vintage ephemera, choosing to not deal with current printed material that at some point might be considered worthy of collecting. And then I saw this and realized that only now would it make sense; 10 years from now it will be irrelevant.

This ad was in the February 26th Parade supplement to the newspaper. Perhaps it’s just me, but is Campbell's Soup showing their political leanings? Was this a conscious decision to use this photo of a man who rather resembles someone running for president, including the gray streaks, with this caption below? And for a bean and bacon (ham) soup?

I’ll let you vote on it. I personally find the whole thing pretty odd and funny.


  1. "Jimmy Stewart for governor, Ronald Reagan for best friend." Jack Warner when told that Ronald Reagan was running for governor of California.

  2. Felix0912/06/2012

    Hmm. Were you implying that all middle-aged Caucasoid males look alike? :-)