IT'S BEGINNING to look a lot like...

Did you know Santa was an authorized Buick dealer? I'm assuming the elves ran the service department. Try to imagine those little fellas with their pointy green hats with their heads under the hood. Probably needed step ladders.

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SOURCE: The Buick Magazine, December 1936


  1. Had to have been Elves - Brownies weren't mechanics.

  2. How many bells do you think fell off and into carburetors?

  3. Oh noooo...a Buick dealer...Santa?

  4. Apparently times are tough everywhere. I hear Santa is also trying to get into the call center business. So if you think it's bad now when you get India on the phone and they keep repeating things over and over and over...imagine what it will be like talking to elves with voices that sound like they just took a hit of helium.