CHRISTMAS: SHOP 'til you drop!

This message is brought to you by the retailer's of America. Shop until you drop and then shop some more. It's how we do things in this country. And by all means, WANT a lot! And then want even more!

I'm not opposed to gift giving, I enjoy it. I am against the making a demand list. I'm especially against children making huge lists of wants/demands. As a child I was told I could ask for one thing, only one thing. I was happy if I got it. Anything else I received was just icing on the cake. I wish people would go back to this way of thinking.

Yes, shop. Support retailers, but be a thoughtful shopper. Wisely spend your money and consider where it's going.

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The card was produced by the Whitney Company in Worcester, Massachusetts. You can read a bit more about the company here.

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