It's THANKSGIVING. Remember...

be cordial. You only have to see these people once a year. Give them the bird and then leave.

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Card manufactured by M.W. Taggart, N.Y., 1908.


  1. Well, Thanksgiving is one family get together that we Brits don't have. There are Harvest Thanksgivings but they are not about family getting together, we save that pleasure until Christmas. Cool postcard, do you think they were delivering a live turkey?

  2. What? No Cherry Cordial? LOL. The very Best for a Happy Thanksgiving to You & Yours from Me & Mine.

  3. Janice,

    I think they're all just thinking about the bird or the bird is in a hidden location trying to make a big escape.

    Cheers to you too Dave! Happy TG!

  4. Thank goodness Thanksgiving is one American custom we Brits seem to have avoided! LOL