I remember hearing my folks talk about going to the Barefoot Bar in Waikiki to see Sterling Mossman. I have no memory of him other than this card.

"Hula Cop Hop" - Sterling Mossman

Sterling Mossman, a man as versatile as he was talented, literally led a double life. A detective with the Honolulu Police Department during the day, after dark he was one of Hawaii?s most popular entertainers. His diversified careers earned him the nickname “Hula Cop”. Holding forth from the stage of the famous Barefoot Bar at Queen's Surf in Honolulu with a unique potpourri of beautifully performed songs, rollicking comedy and some sharply honed but good-natured needling of the Barefoot Bar regulars and the tourists alike, Sterling Mossman became one of Hawaii?s most popular entertainment attractions. Sterling Kilohana Mossman lived from February 3, 1920 to February of 1986. (SOURCE: Territorial Airwaves)
Click here to go to Territorial Airwaves to hear Sterling Mossman sing Hula Cop Hop. If you have memories of Hawaii in the late 1950s to late '60s this should make you smile. And here's another brief post about Mossman.

To read about the lovely dancer on this card, Varoa Tiki, click here.

And to see images of the Queen's Surf Hotel click here. Click here to read an interesting letter from 1947 extolling the quality of the hotel for meetings and tourists.


  1. Dear Author,

    What a nice memento! The lovely dancer on the postcard with Sterling Mossman is none other than my Aunty!! I would love to know if you have other memorabilia from the Barefoot Bar, as she has passed and I would love to see more.

    P. O'Reilly

  2. Thank you P. O'Reilly. I'm afraid this is the only item I have about Sterling Mossman. Sorry.