Continuing with my "theme" this week of nighttime postcards I give you one I bought a very long time ago, probably around 1970.

It was published by Hartmann, a card publisher in Great Britain.
Frederick Hartmann 1902-1909 
45 Farringdon Street, London, England
A publisher of postcards as fine tinted halftones. While most of his cards covered views from all over Great Britain, he also produced cards on various other subjects many of which were artist signed. In addition to having his cards printed in Saxony, he imported many glamour cards from the Continent as well. He was the British distributor of postcards for Trenkler & Company. Hartmann was a strong advocate of the divided back postcard and was instrumental to its establishment in England. Hartman may have issued the world’s first divided back card. (SOURCE: Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City)

Town Hall_Manchester_tatteredandlost

Town Hall_bk_tatteredandlost
Click on either image to see it larger.

I always liked this card with its mysterious look. The horse drawn cabs waiting beneath the street light. Though it's not London I can easily imagine Jack the Ripper lurking in the shadows or perhaps Holmes and Watson are in one of the cabs. Make up your own story.


  1. I'm picturing Van Helsing and Dracula!

  2. Oh, it's getting crowded on those streets. I'm liking it.