FARGO, N.D. in Faux Day for Night

Another day for night postcard. As if the sky weren't enough to give it away; the flag should not be flying at night. I know, these days flag etiquette is a thing of the past for most people, but once upon a time people made a point of taking flags down at night. The "laws" are that it must come down unless displayed with some sort of light source. This flag does not have its own light source.

Broadway_Fargo N.D._tatteredandlost
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It is fascinating to look at the card and count how many ways the artist had to add to the image to make it a night scene. The sky, the moon, lighted windows, headlights, tail lights.... The road surface looks a little on the antiseptic side; no shadows or tread marks.

And then imagine the photographer standing in the middle of the road shooting this. Most certainly would not be doing it night, even a full moon night.

Fargo post card_tatteredandlost

The card was published by the Bloom Bros. Co. of Minneapolis. I'm not finding any historical information, but there is a souvenir and gift shop listed in Minneapolis named Bloom Bros. Perhaps someone will verify if this is the same group that once upon a time published postcards.


  1. I don't think it was ever a photograph- I reckon it's an artist's impression!

  2. Anonymous7/03/2011

    The Bloom Brothers published postcards from 1907-22. More info about Bloom and many other postcard publsishers can be found at www.metropostcard.com -WJY/The New Found Photography