Using the book title as my title means that some poor soul will eventually find this post hoping to find potato recipes. Sorry.

On the flip side, I gathered you all weren't really hankerin' to make any of the fine cream cheese recipes I posted. Okay, then. How about potatoes as aliens?

I give you "250 Ways of Serving Potatoes." Notice the appetizing cover photo? We know what this is supposed to look like, but it somehow misses the mark. Things do get better when you get inside because somebody got the brilliant idea of printing everything in a purplish blue color instead of sticking with good old black and white. Nothing makes me hungrier than purplish blue meat and potatoes.

Potato cookbook cover_tatteredandlost

And, is it me or do many of these photos look like aliens? Purple People Eaters. Doesn't this look like the nursery in Alien's?

alien potatoes_tatteredandlost

Launch pads from which they'll launch their attacks of leftover goo? Is the duck a sentry or an unwilling participant in the potatoes attempt to rule the world? We'll never know.


And honestly, I just don't want to speculate.

sweet potatoes_tatteredandlost

Finally, I give you the mother ship.

mother ship_tatteredandlost

And if there are only 250 recipes in this book that means there are 115 days you're on your own. They couldn't come up with 365? I guess some of these will have to be leftovers which probably could have been a whole other series:
250 Things to Do With Potatoes That Your Neighbor Shouldn't Know About
A Spud by Any Other Name Never Tasted So Sweet or So Bad After Oxidation
All of this from the Culinary Arts Institute, 1941. I kid you not. Just think of the photos that were rejected.

250 ways of serving potatoes_tattered and lost

Bon App├ętit!


  1. Just how in Hell do you think the Culinary ARTS Institute could go so far into space? Ruth Berolsheimer was one of the original Space Cadets, I'll bet.

    I will not be on the lookout for any paper from the Consolidated Book Publishers that I can drop little spoonfuls of potatoes and pineapple all over.

  2. Pod people. I believe it's possible the Culinary Arts Institute was taken over by pod people long before Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Gives one pause to wonder who and what are really creating the food at fast food joints. Certainly KFC's disgusting chicken/cheese/bacon sandwich with no bun was created by an alien hoping to destroy the planet. Couldn't possibly be any other reason.

  3. There is something about those strange black and white photographs that distorts the humble spud into something very strange indeed. Have you considered the fact that potatoes have eyes?

  4. Ohh, I forgot about the eyes. As I recall the Purple People Eater was a one eyed one horn flying purple people eater which means these are a whole other species!

  5. I think you have solved a mystery though. Remember how people were so slim back in the 40s and 50s? It was the food - no one could eat it!

  6. Oh please, no more. I have spent fifty years trying to erase this stuff from my memories.

  7. The sad part is that this was some food writer's assignment--to find 250 ways to cook potatoes.

  8. I used to think it was my wifely duty to learn to cook from books like that.

  9. We've come a long way baby!