LOVE is like a butterfly...

or at least a sexy seductive blond. 

I went to a wonderful estate sale today and came home with a smile from ear to ear. A lot of fun. A lot of wonderful items. This is one of them. 

I saw this sexy seductive lady on a table and thought, "Hmmmmm...do I peek inside?" Imagine my surprise when I did and found a wind propeller butterfly. Never used. In near pristine condition. I remember little butterflies like this as a child, but not in packages like this. I certainly didn't go to THOSE kind of birthday parties. Imagine this little lady as a place card at a party. The adults in paper hats, a bit tipsy, and then they open these up and wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...butterflies all over the room. What a site to behold.

I think even people that don't understand collecting ephemera might enjoy this.

Butterfly Souvenir Card_front_tatteredandlost

Butterfly Souvenir Cards_back_tatteredandlost

Butterfly Souvenir Card_back_tatteredandlost
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Well, I see I was too quick to post this without doing a little research. Turns out this was made by the S. S. Adams Company that also gave us sneezing powder, exploding cigarette boxes, snakes in the nut can, stink bombs, dribble glasses, bug in an ice cube, and the infamous hand buzzer, of which I have one from the early 60s that still works. You can read more about this inventive man, Søren Adam Sørensen, originally from Denmark, here. 


  1. Anonymous7/17/2009

    OH yes, I see the Party now!
    Some would love the card- and some would love the butterflies.

  2. Oh our friend George would have loved the butterflies.

  3. Beautiful artwork! Did the inventor also make fake vomit and whoopee cushions? Those are my personal favorites! lol

  4. I wondered that too. My first thought was whoopie cushion. I didn't see it listed but apparently he held hundreds of patents so I'm thinking yes. Can you imagine going to his house for a visit? You'd be terrified as to what new invention he was going to spring on you that night. Butterflies flying around the room, snakes popping out of nut cans, bugs in your ice cubes, and then when you sit down WHOPEEEEEEEE.

  5. In my h.s. biology class we had twin girls who looked innocent as the day they were born, but were little devils with a wicked sense of humor. One day they brought a whoopee cushion to class and just as my friend sat down one of them slipped it under her with the teacher in the room. My friend thought it was hilarious, but the teacher was a humorless soul and threw a hissy fit! Pooor Janet had to write a 10,000 word theme for her daring deed. The rest of us gave that teacher such a hard time the rest of her short tenure that I'm pretty sure that she quit because of us. I feel slightly remorseful, but she was a witch, so not that much! lol

  6. Great story! Makes me think of the kids in A Christmas Story when they all put the fake teeth in their mouth. At least their teacher had a sense of humor and had them all put them in a drawer with the other stuff they'd pulled. I imagine the teacher in the movie returned all their items at the end of the year. Your teacher probably shouldn't have been teaching and all of you just confirmed it for her.