Hold onto the lamppost, I FEEL AN AFTERSHOCK COMING

This is an interesting old postcard dating back to 1906 San Francisco. I've never seen this one before which does not mean it's rare, it just means I've never seen it. I enjoy finding things about the earthquake in San Francisco that aren't the usual photo cards of the city destroyed. Earlier I posted a card with a Chinese coin attached. Here's a new take on the event...humor. 

This is not an original drawing, it is a mass produced card made by B. K. Leach sent from San Francisco in August of 1906 to Maryland. I've found nothing online about B. K. Leach.

What intrigues me the most is how much the character in the nightshirt running for his life looks so much like a character from one of  Maurice Sendak's books, such as little Mickey from In the Night Kitchen.

B. K. Leach_San Francisco earthquake postcard_tatteredandlost
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  1. Anonymous7/19/2009

    oh yeah. maurice's boy from the Night Kitchen

    Granny Ailo slept through the S.F. earthquake! In downtown S.F!
    When she did wake up she looked out the window and saw all the destruction.

  2. Anonymous7/20/2009

    She was 17 and worked for the phone co. Switchboarad.
    She got to work that day and the phone co. had them working around the clock. They had cots in the basement for the women to stay there. I wish I had more details.

  3. Did she ever come up to the city for any reunions at Lotta's Fountain? This year they had what will probably be the last event with any survivors.