When I first decided to scan this delicious little puff piece about Joan Crawford from the April 1949 Photoplay I thought I'd just let the stupidity of the piece stand on its own. But then...ohhhhh...I just had to dig into the details. I didn't get far because there's not far to get. I stopped at the byline. Hymie Fink. Who is Hymie Fink and why am I inclined to say silly things about him? 

Joan Crawford w_Hymie Fink_tatteredandlost
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I googled Hymie and very little showed up. All I can find is that he photographed movie stars and got a few bylines. Seriously do you think this fellow wrote this piece? Nahhhhh...neither do I. I'm thinking a studio publicist sent this drivel in, Hymie took some pictures, Photoplay threw this together with a nice little layout. 

Joan Crawford by Hymie Fink_tatteredandlost
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I don't know if Hymie was a staff photographer for a studio, freelanced, or was employed by a magazine. His name does seem to pop-up with stars from the late 30s through 50s. There's a really nice Montgomery Clift shot on this page, a mention of Hymie here in an article about Clark Gable, and finally the best of all, a photo of Hymie Fink with Marilyn Monroe here. And then there's another byline with photos in an August 1948 Photoplay about Tyrone Power.

Do you think "Fink Photos" was ever printed on the back of any of his work? Nah, me neither. It seems strange that a man who obviously had very close proximity to so many of the stars of long ago has little known about him. I'd have thought somewhere along the line someone would have compiled at least a website, if not a book, of his work.

Enjoy. You probably thought I was going to write something snarky about Joan Crawford. There's no need for me to say anything since all of this blather in the magazine was outside her control. Poor Joan will forever now be known for some great acting and a coat hanger raised up against the little blond daughter on the left. This article and photo were camp long before the beautiful Faye Dunaway had the painted on lips and eyebrows in Mommie Dearest.

Do click on the image above to read the ohhhhh so fine copy that just sounds soooooooo natural. Then take a look at Hymie with Marilyn and decide for yourself if he wrote it.

Consider this the one new item you learned today. Hymie Fink. Remember the name. 


  1. Anonymous6/24/2009

    Fink and Forge Fotos, yes, I have heard of them. (H.Fink and G.Forge)
    THeir paths crossed in the early 70's and did a bit of colabrative work. not much, but enough for both of them. They remained friends and enjoyed the social scene together.
    thanks for the reminder.

  2. Interviewer, is that you?

  3. zenwillie19516/01/2012

    Hymie Fink started out as the house photographer for my dad's nightclub, Cafe Trocadero, on the Sunset Strip (1934-1937). At that time, paparazzi at hi-end nightclubs and restaurants were not shunned by the stars, but welcomed. Everyone knew (and liked) Hymie.

    When my dad (Billy Wilkerson) started Ciro's in 1939, Hymie followed him. He again followed my dad in 1945 when he opened Restaurant La Rue. All three were on the Sunset Strip.

    Hymie photographed people at these restaurants and nightclubs on a nightly basis (1934-1950) so somewhere out there is a treasure chest full of his work. I'm guessing they're in some special collections at USC or UCLA. That would be my guess.

  4. I'm thrilled someone came along to fill in some pieces about Hymie Fink. Sure would love to be able to see his archives. Thank you zenwillie1951!

  5. Hymie took the famous photo of Joan Fontaine and Olivia DeHavilland at the Oscars