In '73 I was getting ready for my first trip to Europe. I was also about to graduate from art college. TWA put out these brochures which I quickly grabbed because they were illustrated by Bob Peak. Bob Peak was one of the inspirational illustrators whose work I collected and I just recently found these brochure covers hidden away in an old folder. I loved his style which often had a collage look, bits and pieces neatly sewn together to make a whole. Back then his work was in every Illustrator's Annual, TV Guide covers, movie posters, magazine illustrations. I wish I'd saved more. 

He was born Robert "Bob" M. Peak on May 30, 1927 and died August 1, 1992. To read more about Bob Peak check out this site which is affiliated with a show opening today at the Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles. You'll see work you recognize. He set a style that illustrators followed for decades. For another perspective click here.

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Bob Peak_TWA brochure_1973_final edition_tatteredandlost

Bob Peak_TWA brochure_1973

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