Sweet Smell of SUCCESS

A few months ago I featured a couple of film tie-in paperbacks for Paul Newman and Steve McQueen films. This time it's Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success. The film came out in 1957 and stars Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis as a notorious New York gossip columnist and a desperate press agent. Beautifully shot in New York in black and white noir. The story is as relevant today as when it was released showing the dark underbelly of how some things are done in our society. I can't recommend it enough. 

If you like Mad Men and haven't seen this film watch for it to show up on Turner Classics or put it in your Netflix's queue. I've already checked out next months listings for TCM and it's not on so I can only hope it'll be on again in the coming months. To read Roger Ebert's review of the film click here.

This paperback was found in a thrift store. A nice find. Includes 8 pages of black and white stills from the film. A nice way to remember the film. Really a mini film poster. 

Sweet Smell of Success_front_tatteredandlost

Sweet Smell of Success_back_tatteredandlost

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