DON'T FREEZE the egg salad

As the holiday weekend comes to an end one thought for many is: What am I going to do with all this food?!?@??

Why, just reach into the drawer and take out a Spotless Frozen Food Carton. Easily popped into a box shape within moments, yet easy to store flat before needed. I should know. I have a stack of them in a drawer. I'll never use them. I keep them because they make me smile, they're old (but very clean), and they belonged to either my mother or grandmother. I like the simplistic design of the frozen tundra and icicles with a backdrop of a table cloth. It says what it needs to very simply. And since it's a two color job the designer had the choice of either making the leaves on the strawberries red or blue, which would have made the viewer think perchance the product did not maintain the freshness they'd want. Strawberries rotting from the top down. Not putting that on my table to be consumed. But luscious garden ripe red strawberries. We both know when they came out of the box months later they didn't look garden fresh.

So package up those leftovers into our modern version of the food carton, the plastic freezer bag. But please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeee don't freeze the egg salad. You really don't want me to tell you about the frozen egg salad sandwich thawing in a high school locker.

spotless frozen food_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

I really do like little boxes. Little places to store little things. Unfortunately there is no information about the manufacturer of this item. I don't know if the company was actually named "Spotless." If anyone has information they'd like to add just leave a comment.

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