THE LOOK OF LOVE or "Dear, you have basil stuck on your teeth."

Putting together the grouping of nurse book covers got me to thinking of the stack of gothic novels stashed away that once belonged to a friend's mother. I never read any of them, but when they moved she gave all of them to me. I enjoy the cover art, women running away from castles. I used to give her a bad time about it because she was a voracious reader...of women running away from castle books. The covers are always camp high drama. Someday I'll scan some of them to post here. But in the meantime...

I remembered a book I bought years ago that is a collection of various romance novels covers. The book is called The Look of Love: The Art of the Romance Novel by Jennifer McKnight-Trontz. It was published in 2002 by Princeton Architectural Press. I've put a link in the left column so you can see some of the content of the book and read reviews. 

The book is broken up into chapters and
includes "Bad Girls and Good Girls", "Loves of a Nurse" and "Hometown Doctor." There are sexpots, gypsies, stewardesses, hunky men with chiseled jaws, exotic locations, and yes, ladies running away from castles. The author has given the illustrator names when possible. A lot of the work is pretty pedestrian until you see it grouped together, then it just becomes funny. What's not to love about a book called Hootenany Nurse?

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