DEAD OR ALIVE Happy Birthday?

Here's a birthday card with a rather odd message. I'm trying to wrap my head around this. Apparently the alternative to a birthday is death. I think we all know that, but has a cute hound in a hat ever been used to deliver such a message?

I'm trying to imagine the writer of the card selling their boss on this idea:

        "See, it's to make them feel good about getting old. Consider the alternative."
  "Yes, I get that, but you're reminding them of death on their birthday."
        "Well, yeah...but isn't that what it's all about? You're going to die so have fun while you can?"
        "But Sherman, I've told you before we save death for the sympathy department. You know this. Remember those "get well" cards you wrote reminding people of their impending demise? It just isn't working for us."
        "Well, what if we put a funny little doggie in wings? Would that help? Boss, would that help?"
        "This is your last chance Sherman. One more death reminder and you're transferred to funeral announcements."

You just never know what you're going to find in ephemera. 

Buzza-Cardoza front_tatteredandlost
Buzza-Cardozo interior_tatteredandlost
Click here to see the card above larger. Card by Buzza-Cardozo.

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  1. Anonymous3/12/2009

    I wonder if card companies still make cards like this one? It IS odd.
    Since it is a 'vintage' card, I am sure that Sherman has stopped having birthdays of his own. Maybe no one else ever picked up his style of accentuating the connections between birthdays and death.